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Country Living: 3 Essential Vehicle Modifications

If you are planning to make a move from a major city such as Sydney or Perth so you can start a new life in the Outback, you may not have considered making any changes to your vehicle. While most cars are set up for driving on the well maintained, asphalt roads found in most towns and cities, they are not configured to deal with the challenges of driving in the country. Below is a guide to 3 modifications you should have your mechanic make to your vehicle to prepare for life driving in the Outback.

Install mud flaps

There is seldom any mud on the streets of a city. However, in the outback, it is a completely different story. While conditions during the Australian summer will often cause the road surface to be sandy, during the wet season, rain showers can turn a road from a sand covered track into a muddy mess. As you drive through the mud, the movement of the spinning wheels will kick it upwards, so it splashes onto the body of your car. To avoid this problem, you should install rubber mud flaps on your vehicle. 

Fit new tyres

Because roads in the Outback will often be unpaved, you may find that the city tyres which are currently fitted to your car do not do so well. The uneven surfaces and rough gravel can all increase the wear and tear which the rubber experiences. Furthermore, sharp rocks can cause soft city tyres to become punctured. Before you head off to start your new rural life, you should ask an auto mechanic to install new hardwearing tyres on your car. These tyres are thicker than standard tyres and will better be able to withstand the harsh road conditions. Hardwearing tyres also have a deeper tread, which improves their grip, giving you improved control.

Raise the suspension

Finally, you should seriously consider asking a mechanic to raise the suspension on your car. Raising the suspension will increase the clearance between the ground and the bottom of your vehicle. This is important because many country roads will contain potholes or uneven sections of earth. If you have not raised the suspension on your car, you may find that the underside of your vehicle comes into contact with the ground. This can result in severe damage. A mechanic will be able to adjust your suspension to eliminate this problem and ensure you have a smooth ride.

If you would like further advice, you should contact an auto mechanic.