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Why a Diesel Engine Truck Is Best for Your New Towing Business

A towing business is sensitive to various factors, such as fuel prices and maintenance costs. It can be attributed to the fact that tow trucks are subjected to extreme working conditions, such as hauling heavy machinery. Therefore, when starting a towing business, it is critical to choose the right tow-truck engine. Notably, what you settle on will have a direct impact on the general operations of your business and the bottom line.

As a rule, automotive experts recommend a diesel engine truck for demanding tasks. While this might not bode well for some people due to the initial cost of diesel engine trucks, the long-term advantages of diesel engines cannot be overlooked. This article provides concrete reasons you should settle for nothing short than a diesel engine for your towing trucks.

Engine Durability -- As mentioned earlier, tow trucks are subjected to extreme working conditions. For instance, the vehicles will be required to tow cars that are a lot heavier. Additionally, your firm will be required to drag automobiles in off-road areas. Evidently, your business will require a truck engine that is capable of withstanding all these extreme conditions without necessarily needing maintenance services every other day. Notably, diesel engine trucks offer proven durability since they can log more than 100,000 miles annually for several years without missing a beat. 

Fuel Economy -- With tow trucks expected to make hundreds of miles yearly, it is only sensible to get a truck that consumes fuel economically concerning the work it is subjected. Most specifically, for every gallon of diesel, you get about 147,000 BTUs of energy, and this makes diesel trucks very efficient per unit fuel. Additionally, since diesel engines use direct fuel injection method, air does not mix with fuel; therefore, efficiency is improved. Besides, the nature of the towing business will require your tow truck drivers to put the trucks on idle at some point.Therefore, you want an engine that consumes very little fuel during the idle state, and diesel engines are best in this regard.

Diesel Engine Trucks Hold their Value -- According to the research firm ALG, diesel engine trucks retain 63% of their value after 36 months of use, and this is good news for towing businesses. Due to this fact, you do not have to worry about disposing of your machinery especially when you want to upgrade. On the other hand, petrol engines depreciate at a faster rate compared to diesel engines. To learn more, contact a mechanic that offers diesel services near you.