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Extend the Lifespan of Your Tyres With These Tips

Nobody wants to have to replace their tyres more often than they have to. Nonetheless, despite these car parts being the primary contact between the road and your vehicle, it is surprising that numerous motorists tend to neglect their care and maintenance. What these individuals are not considering is how much heavy usage tyres are exposed to, which would cause undue damage if the tyres do not receive adequate attention. In addition to this, tyres that wear down early not only make you lose full control over your vehicle but also make you a hazard to other road users. This article outlines various measures that can help you extend the lifespan of your tyres.

Maintain proper pressure in your tyres

Some individuals may be under the impression that adequate pressure in their tyres means having them turgid at all times. In truth, over- or under-inflating your tyres can create the risk of severe problems with your car. Firstly, when your tyres are excessively inflated, you stand to compromise the handling of your vehicle. The surface of the tyres will be extremely tight, and this can make the car prone to skidding or sliding on the roads.

Secondly, when your tyres are under-inflated, you stand the risk of ruining the rims of the wheels. Moreover, tyres that are underinflated are also at risk of blowing out. Every motorist is supposed to know the manufacturer recommendations for optimum tyre pressure fro their tyres and stick to this measurement.

Have the tyres rotated regularly

One aspect of two-wheel drive vehicles that you may not know about is that the front wheels tend to wear down much faster than their rear counterparts do, as they take much of the impact when braking and manoeuvring your vehicle. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the front tyres are periodically rotated with the rear tyres to slow down this damage. Moreover, by having your tyres rotated regularly, you effectively increase the performance of your vehicle, which would translate into better mileage.

In addition to this, the routine rotation of your tyres will also reduce the chances of uneven tread wear, which means you can make the most of all your tyres for longer. All these benefits work to reduce your tyre repair and replacement costs. One piece of advice to consider when rotating your tyres is to always accompany the process with wheel alignment to further prevent undue damage.