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Should You Buy an Imported or Domestic Car?

When it comes to your car buying decisions, you want to consider your new vehicle as a long-term investment. This means considering the overall cost of ownership,  not just the purchase price. It also means considering if the vehicle is enjoyable as well as functional. When it comes to deciding on an import cars or domestic cars, you might note a few important factors to consider, which can help you choose the right vehicle for your long-term needs, so you can find a car you'll also love to drive for years to come!


As said, a vehicle is a long-term investment, so you want to consider the overall reliability of certain makes and models and how long they typically last before they need major repairs. While the parts needed for imported cars can sometimes be more expensive than the parts needed for domestic cars, many imported car models are known for having a very long lifespan and for lasting for many years before they need repairs. Those parts may also last longer overall, so  they'll need less replacing. Unless you're planning on driving your new vehicle for only a few years, you might do some homework on the longevity of imported cars versus domestic models, as those imports can actually be cheaper to maintain and repair over their lifetime.


Because certain imported models of cars are known to last longer than domestic cars, they may have a higher resale value. Used car buyers know that they'll get more life out of certain models, even if they're older and have more miles or kilometres on them. This is also a consideration to keep in mind if you know you'll want to sell the car in a few years; look up the resale value of each model, and you may find that certain imports will get you more money down the road.


Some imported vehicles are simply more fun to drive. They may have better pickup and tighter turning radiuses, for example. They may also offer a sleek look that you can't find with a domestic car.

You might also want a car that is different than all the other cars on the road. If your neighbours all own domestic cars, a nice foreign car can set you apart from the crowd and make your car stand out. Since you should actually enjoy owning your car, and it should be more than just functional for you, consider this as part of your buying decision.