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How to Determine and Maintain the Right Tyre Pressure for Your Car

The role your tyres plays when it comes to your car's mobility cannot go unnoticed. It is imperative to have your car tyres running in the best condition possible to ensure safe and comfortable travel. Ensuring optimal inflation of your tyres will help increase your tyres' durability and also boost fuel economy. Over-inflating your tyres will reduce its contact patch with the road surface thereby causing the tyres to lose their firm grip and stability. This also exposes your tyres to the risk of blowout. On the other hand, under-inflation would expose your tyres to uneven contact with the road leading to increased wear and tear as well as high gas mileage. Just like with over-inflation, your tyres will be at risk of blowout when under inflated. 

But how do you determine and maintain the right pressure for your car tyres? Here is a look at some ways of knowing the optimal pressure for your tyres:

To ensure you maintain optimal tyre pressure while you are on the roads, you should regularly check your tyre pressure. Because checking your tyre pressure at a gas station may mean having to wait until your tyres cool down, it is a good idea to consider investing in your own pressure gauge. This way, you can check your tyre pressure whenever you like!