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4 Signs Your Gearbox Needs Repairs

Gearbox repairs are the bane of every driver's existence, as they take up time and money. If you use your vehicle long enough, you will inevitably develop problems that call for repairs. But some car owners don't notice them until it's too late. Here are some signs of trouble to look out for.

Dirty Fluid

Transmission fluid is vital for all types of gearboxes. Automatic ones require it to form the hydraulic pressure within the transmission that facilitates the movement. Manual gearboxes need it for continuous lubrication of the gears and to avoid grinding. You should check your vehicle's fluid condition once every month. 

If you find that it is dirty, then that is a clear indicator that you need to change it. Inspect the dipstick to see if there is any debris or whether the fluid emits a burnt smell. Any indication of this means that there could be more extensive problems that call for further inspection or outright repair. Some of these issues might include:

Leaking Fluid 

Another fluid-related sign that may point to the necessity of gearbox repair for your vehicle is leaking. The most common reason for leaks is a gap in the gearbox. You need to attend to any leaks immediately because the more you delay doing it, the more the fluid drains. If it drops to low enough levels, it can cause more significant harm. 

Neutral Gear Noise

When your vehicle is in neutral gear and emits a sound (often characterised as a bumping one), it could point to various problems. It might be that some components of the gearbox are worn out, e.g., gear teeth, bearings, reverse idler gear, etc. It could also indicate that the fluid might be dirty, especially if you still hear the noise after adding more fluid to increase the levels. 

Gears That Slip

Anytime you find that you switch gears in a manual car without any effort or an automatic car keeps going into neutral, you need to rush to a mechanic immediately. The issue might be gears that are worn out or gear linkages that are broken.


Gearbox repairs can be costly and time-consuming. Knowing the first signs of trouble can help you  prevent further damage to your vehicle and can save you a considerable amount of money.